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By Wellington Bowling Club

Thursday, 15 April 2021


Wellington Bowling Club Contributor


Here is a summary of last night's decisions.

1. The league will commence on June 24th and run for 7 weeks until Thursday 5th August. One week later than present.
2. Clubs have until 17th May to decide how many teams they are going to enter. Teams will be divided up into three divisions (of 8 or less) based on league positions at the end of the 2019 season.
3. Fixtures will be produced ASAP after the 17th May. For now member clubs should reserve all Thursday evenings between the 24th June and 5th August. There will be no promotion or relegation and no prize money.
4. For one season it will be an open league with Ladies allowed to play.
5. Matches can be played on any day and at any time as long as both clubs agree.
6. A minimum of 6 players on each team. Rinks with two players bowl three woods each, three players two woods. The 2 player team loses a third of their shots.
7. Just one signatory required for payments to enable electronic banking.
8. We agreed the £300 charitable donation to Richard Doughty for the Andrew Sully charity.
9. No clubs will provide aftermatch catering. But bars should be open.

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There is free parking in the Leisure Centre car park which is immediately adjacent to the Bowling Club. Wheelchair access is via the ramp at the corner of the green where Corams Lane joins Springfield Road.